System transformations of the national economy


The presented monograph covers issues related to global challenges and transformational changes in the national economy of Ukraine, which require the revision of the traditional model of economic and social development. Transformational changes in the national economy are system-wide in nature and make a direct impact on the economy, society and regional development because Ukrainian regions are on the verge of adopting conceptually new directions of socioeconomic development on the way of forming their own system of economic security.

This monograph is an objective necessity, because dramatic changes that have occurred in Ukraine in recent years require new approaches to determining the bases to research the internal potential of development and economic security both at the state and regional levels. Moreover, at the present stage of dynamic development of Ukraine, the contradictions and disparities in reforming the national economy and social sphere of society are gradually sharpening. In the context of structural changes, the threats to foreign and economic security of the state constantly emerge, which eventually leads to the formation of the complex of corresponding challenges to national security and creates an urgent need for the formation of an effective innovation and institutional mechanism to ensure security. The need is caused by the objectives of transformation processes towards sustainable socio-economic development of Ukraine and its regions.


System transformations of the national economy: challenges and expectations – Collective monograph edited by Oleksandr Vlasiuk, Olga Ilyash, Wieslaw Olszewski, Magdalena Osinska, Volodymyr Voloshyn. – University of Economy Publishing House, Bydgoszcz, Poland, 2016. – Vol. 1. - 242 p. 


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